Kodak Pony 828

Using the 828 format film this is an upmarket pocket camera.

The lens is good quality and slides into the body to save space, although when in the ever ready case it isn't necessary. Being an upmarket sibling to the Colorsnaps. it's obvious that this camera is aimed at somebody who wants that little bit more from their prints. Setting the lens up is as always with Kodak, simple. The only down side is the odd film it uses.

The whole back lifts off, making it easy to load the film.

828 films are just a length of unperforated 35mm in a backing paper, a sort of mini 120 format. So to use this camera I'll need to fabricate a film by using old 120 backing paper, marking the frame positions, and a length of sutiable 35mm film.

I'll post an up date when that's been done, but don't hold your breath...