Brownie 44

When I got married my long suffering wife brought a Kodak 44B with her, I recently acquired a '44A to go with it.

The difference is in the lens and shutter, the 44A has a fixed focus unit going from 5ft to infinity where the 44B has an adjustable lens. The shutter on the 44A is a single speed one with no 'B' option. On the44B the shutter assembly allows apperture to be chosen.

Recently I came across a site which gave a lot more information on the bodies as well as how to use 35mm film in them, so I thought ' Why not?', after all I've never used a 127 film camera and if I can run a length of 35mm through one to give it a go all the better.

I removed the film spool holder, loaded a black and white film in the 44A and the results can be seen in the gallery (click on the camera image above)