Zundapp Combinette

The DVLA have changed the rules, which is making things interesting.

I have a certified copy of the original registration number register showing that a number

had been allocated to a Zundapp moped on 19th September 1957.


I also have the number plate that was rusted in place on the rear mudguard, a

dating certificate that identifies and confirms the originality of Helga. There's also a copy of the relevent Glasses Guide page showing the engine and frame numbers for the year.

In the recent pass an inspection of the bike could have been made and I could,

with the documentation, have applied for the original number back and a new log book (V5)

Not now, I need something that links the frame (chassis) number to the reg number.

Now, as 1950s documents and registers didn't do this, the only thing being a log book which

is long gone, that puts the original number out of reach.

I'm going to try though, with the help of the EACC, but my expectations are low.

The main difference is 55 for a new number, and 10 (to the club) for a reclaimed reg.

I wonder why the DVLA have changed the rules...

Well the inspector arrived, a pleasant guy not much younger than the bike, that was the first surprise.

His first comments were the next.."What's a Zundapp? never heard of that make before"

Oh well. He took the frame number, engine number and mileage(!) then took some photos

and waved good bye, he didn't need to see Helga running!

All the information he took, and more are on the dating certificate and inspection certificate

from the EACC, a DVLA approved dating body!

Oh! and the DVLA have them already, still let's see what their next move is going to be.