Zundapp Combinette

So I spent a few hours putting things together,


The wheels need the spokes tensioning a little more,

there's no paint on the tank and I'm waiting for another piston,

still, this is what Helga looks like at the moment, yes that is a different cylinder...


When the  second piston arrived, it was a little too long so a session was had with a file and it now fits.

This time the cylinder is a  little low, much better and easier to fix. A thick base gasket was made and

things now looks right. Next job is a quick fit and see if the engine sparks. It did.

There's no cables to the clutch or gear change, so a start up wasn't possible.


The bike is coming together, all I need now are cables, a wiring harness, exhaust.......


I had to put this up...


I know it's not a proper start up, but a squirt of gas and a swing of the peddle

prove I have the engine going . I'll fit some control  cables and a petrol tank

then we can see how good (or bad!) she sounds.