Zundapp Combinette

The front forks are a little, er, rotten!

After removing the leading link suspension elements and springs I took a wire wheel to the remaining forks

and then blew a coat of primer to see how bad they are.


The trim 'spats' on one are terrible, the other isn't as bad. If I can't find a replacement set,

which I doubt I will, then it's going to be a case of building them up with fillers.


The good thing is that this area is just to look pretty, it's not a loaded section, the load goes up

the fork legs through surprisingly sound bits of the setup!

OK, up to now all I've been doing is cleaning and tidying, but not today.

The original forks are, as stated earlier, in need of some help.


The swinging links were badly corroded, in fact one was beyond help. There was a broken

spring as well, so these forks from a Combinette were ordered,


the links and springs were to be swapped over to Helga's forks to make them good.

A quick trial and all looks good,


I can now sort out the spats and get them on the way to usable.

First off was to cut 4 bits  of steel to get a profile on those damaged 'spats'.


Once cut these were riveted in place and body filler used to get a good profile.




When one side was done it was time to attack the other.

After several layers of filler and sanding down, a coat of primer was applied.



Oh, and the steel came from an old computer case.