Zundapp Combinette

I left the crankshaft/piston/barrel lump soaking in an oil/petrol mix to see what happened.

I tried heating and hitting, so to speak, but the whole lot is solid. This doesn't look good,

as without these bits seperated there's no engine. No engine means no moped so the end of the project!

That aint gonna happen on my watch if I can help it!

After leaving the solid lump soaking for further 2 days it was out and hit it time.

After applying heat, lots of heat, and hitting repeatedly with a lump of wood that fit down the

cylinder the parts finaly gave in. The piston slid out slowly but surely.

Glaciers move faster!


Once out it became apparent why the engine was siezed. That slot in the front of the piston shouldn't

be there, a piece has broken off, dropped in the engine and formed a grinding paste/bits mix

that stopped everything moving.


The barrel looks bad at the bottom as well,

I'll have to see what I can do with that.

Several days soaking in 2 stroke oil and the crankshaft freed up,

so much so that all feels useble!