Mods and, er....bits?

This is where things get weird. On mopeds registered before, er 1976? There

was only the need for a front light, no high and low beam, just a bright light.

Which is why so many older mopeds only have 'on' or 'off' on the switch.

With this in mind it should be easy to get custom lights right? Wrong!

I ended up with a 50cc quad bike lamp on my blue M40, it looks good but

mounts only on the bottom so I had to fabricate some stays to stop it wobbling

around. The bulb fitted works well, though how I'll replace it when the time

comes will be a problem. When looking for a suitable front lamp I considered

several options, most of which were ruled out because of 12V bulbs with no 6V

altenatives available.

Another reason for not buying was cost, yes you can get nice headlamps that look

really great, but when they cost as much as the rest of the bike did..

You pays your money and makes your choice!

Rear lights, on the other hand, are easy to get . This one came from China and has

a standard bulb fitment, so a 6v bulb went straight in, again regulations make life

easy as there's no need for a brake light in these older mopeds.


Standard replacement lights are available readily but for that custom look, well...