Mods and, er....bits?

Having seen these fitted to 'racing' mopeds on the internet I thought I'd try some on one of my bikes.

The up side is that your feet are in the same position on either side of the bike.

Why? When fitting the foot rests you remove the pedal cranks, obviously, and then bolt the rest on the and of the pedal shaft.

A grub screw holds the rest in place by tightening up into the slot where the coter pin usually slides.


When fitting it's essential to get this screw tight otherwise the footrest will wobbly and work itself loose,

eventually falling off. Be careful when tightening the screw as on cheaper items they can strip

the thread, meaning a visit to a good screw supplies outlet for a bigger screw and tap to open the hole out.

Downside? Your left foot sites alongside the drive pulley so you need to have trouser legs tucked in to boots

and be careful not to rub your foot on the pulley itself.

As an easy addition they're only really good on higher powered bikes as they do remove the chance to

pedal up steep hills. All in this is a mod for the bike that's going to go faster and, along with a pull start

can make a little upgraded moped feel like a proper sports machine. I kid you not.