Mods and, er....bits?


The one thing that bugs me with older mopeds is the throttle twist grip.

I know they're 1950s designs but they can be a sod to get to work smoothly.

And spares can be non-existent! That in mind I tried a cheap Minimoto one.

For around 5 it looked good on ebay, but when it arrived I wasn't convinced that

it was money well spent. The body, a part I'm used to having made from metal, was

a plastic moulding, as was everything else! Still I thought I'd give it a go.


Once on a set of bars everything started to look better, the body worked and the

action of the twist-grip itself was smooth. The cable attaches through a channel

which turns the run through 90 degrees, this looks like it will be a place that will wear

where the cable rubs against the plastic. The run is covered with an orange plate that

is secured by a screw.

Visually it looks OK, in use? Well it's a surprisingly nice little twist-grip to operate,

opening and closing smoothly with no drag.

Will I buy another? Probably, if nothing else comes along.




I also got a set of levers from the same company. Again they looked OK on the site and

again they had plastic where metal should be.


I've had plastic levers in the past, but that was the lever itself, not the bracket!

The plastic brackets do the job but do flex under heavy braking. Not really

a good choice for everyday use and not really a good choice at all.

They will be getting replaced with full metal units some time in the future.